New Leaf Foundation was established in 2004. Since then it has awarded numerous scholarships to families in need. Donations to New Leaf Foundation directly fund the education of recipient students, less than 1% of funds raised are used for operational costs.
New Leaf Foundation’s board members are educators, business owners, care givers, and child advocates. Our board members are active members in our community who believe in the work that takes place at New Leaf School and the important impact it makes on these students’ lives and our larger community.

Board Members

Steve Tuten,

Angel Virden,

We are grateful to the service of our past board members: Michael Dunlap, Haley Edwards, Mary Jo Fernandez, Ken Fink, Susan Green, Carrie McClain, Katie McDonald, Erin Mustard, Harriet Pruette, Kaye Smith, Chavon Thomas, Heather Thompson, Buff Wagner, John Weldon, Jean Wetstein Samantha Wettlaufer, Leslie Rios Wilkins, Andrea Winsor & Ronda McDonald.

How we help…

New Leaf Foundation provides academic scholarships to assist families which have a demonstrated economic need. Many of the recipient students have special needs ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder to ADHD to Tourette’s Syndrome, as well as an array of intellectual, behavioral, and emotional needs.

Students unsuccessful in other schools experience a dramatic turn-around when given a genuinely individualized course of study in New Leaf School’s compassionate and inclusive classrooms where teachers are child advocates.

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Why this work is important…

Daily use of in-depth conflict resolutions techniques allow New Leaf students to rapidly mature socially and emotionally. The children’s success carries over into their families and neighborhoods, rebuilding communities one peace-maker at a time.

Today the student, his or her parents, siblings and neighbors experience the improved attitude and sociability learned at New Leaf School. They also reap the benefits of a more mature and peaceful technique for conflict resolution.
Soon enough the child is grown and the same skills benefit his or her employer, spouse and children. The greater community is positively impacted by the ripples of influence generated by the child once educated at New Leaf School.


New Leaf Foundation provides scholarships to children with special needs whose families have demonstrated an economic need. Scholarship recipients receive dedicated care and attention in a compassionate classroom, focused on individualized learning and peaceful conflict resolution.